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Assassin's Creed and Puzzle Quest

Assassin's Creed was awesome, but riddled with some flaws. The repetition started getting on my nerved after a while, but that didn't change the pure exhilaration of free-running across all the ancient cities. There were precious few flag-relays amongst the myriad missions you needed to complete through the game which was disappointing - it was nice having an excuse to run helter-skelter across the rooftops barely in control. The time-limited assassination missions were okay, but nowhere near as fun as the flag chasing. The storyline has quite justifiably frustrated a lot of players over time, as it ends more like a prologue than a full-fledged tale of its own. I would like some of the future storyline to have been explored, as the storyline of Altair in the past did not quite satisfy - Altair failed to emote, and so his hubris resulting in a fall from grace, and relearning humility did not effect me like I hoped it would. Perhaps a better voice actor and some facial animations would have helped - I'm all for mysterious men in hoods, but I'd like a little more detail when I'm supposed to care about them. In any event, it was a very fun game and one that I will probably return to some other day just for that joyous free-running.


Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords is crack. Pure, brilliant crack. Made by an Australian studio which gives it extra cred in my book. Puzzle Quest is a fusion of puzzle gameplay where you must match three or more of the same type of gem (a la Bejewelled), and an RPG where you must make your avatar powerful enough to face the evil villain that threatens to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! It is a peculiar matching that works brilliantly. The storyline is surprisingly complex, with interesting political consequences for your actions, and very dark stories at the end of the game. Its virtues have been expounded everywhere, from games press to Penny Arcade, and for good reason - this is the kind of game that scratches your itch for casual gaming whilst giving you some meaty RPG goodness. The version I played was the Nintendo DS version, but the game is available on pretty much every game system out there. Grab it from Xbox Live, on the PC, on the DS, or on the PS3. HIGHLY recommended!

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