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Culture's Elegant Cesspool

The Dark Preachers' arena for declamation, culture, humour and profanity.

Culture's Elegant Cesspool
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Jason Nash and Nathan Glover: geniuses ahead of their time? Or left far behind it? Terrorising the dusty town of Muswellbrook for years before splitting different ways for the wonder of education, these two men have reunited to bring their formidable intellect and incredible propensity to bitch together, in a glorious cathartic venting. Read of things that are amazing in the world of film, music, print, and elsewhere! Feel the vehemence of two angry young men as they attack the things that piss them off! And laugh as they regale you with tales of humour and wackiness. This is Culture's Elegant Cesspool - as informed by insight, and understanding as it is by hostility, baseness, and humour.